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Abortion Healing

Women, men and couples, as well as adult siblings, grandparents and abortion contributors can seek healing from a past abortion experience through Bible studies and retreats.

Redeeming Sexuality

Women and men who have been hurt by sexual abuse, promiscuity or immorality can seek healing through Bible studies.

Community Awareness

We are available for awareness as well as education in your school, homeschool co-op, community or church groups.
Rachel’s Vineyard has opened my heart and eyes to the wounds that have been sitting hiding and affecting my life. I can say that my heart has been stretched and I can see and gaze at the face of God! To be able to bask in His grace. To be able to enjoy His peace!

I learned that I snap at stupid things because with my actions and my mind I am trying to take care of everyone and everything at all times. Jesus never rushed anywhere and spoke slowly with everyone. He was never in a hurry – all in God’s time.

What a miracle. These past few days have done more for me than the last 18 years. I am honored to be among these women and men, taking the courage, having a voice and walking the path of healing together.

This weekend was my last hope. I was at the end of my everything, lost, shameful, sad, detached and hurting. This retreat began my rebuilding and gave me hope.

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