Redeeming Sexuality

Redeeming Sexuality Bible Studies Offered:

  • The Path to Sexual Healing: addresses with both sensitivity and honesty the issue of sexual sin and recovery from it. Digging deep into God’s Word for a new understanding of his person, his forgiveness, and his expectations is paramount in this Bible study. You will discover a deeper knowledge of your standing before God and the grace through which each of us can face the sexual sin that drives us away from wholeness.
    • This study is for those who have been sexually abused and those who have hurt others or themselves through sexual sin. (From the back cover of The Path to Sexual Healing, by Linda Cochrane, R.N.)
    • This study is offered for men, led by men, or for women, led by women.
      • Please contact us to request a study.
  • Conquer Series: “a cinematic teaching series that offers men proven principles and practical tools to break free from pornography. The 10-week curriculum is hosted by Dr. Ted Roberts, a former Marine fighter pilot, who has for 30+ years helped thousands of men find freedom and walk in purity. We take a close look at the battlefield, examine the bondage that takes place in the mind and study key biblical principles to help men prevail against the enemy.”
    • This study is for men, led by men.
    • Please contact us to request a study.

  • Seven Pillars of Freedom: an in-depth series for men wanting to take their healing another step further past the Conquer Series study. Complete and lasting recovery and healing from pornography addiction takes on average 3-5 years, and ongoing support is crucial to this process.
    • This study is for men, led by men.
    • Previous Conquer Series participation is helpful but not required.
    • Please contact us to request a study.

  • Unraveled:“Isolation breeds shame, fear, and loneliness, but community breeds life. Community leads to healing.” This statement from the introduction of our study group Unraveled speaks so profoundly of what we’re going through in Kenosha at this time. As we come together to heal our specific and individual traumas, we can also support each other through this extremely difficult and emotional time.
    • “The goal of Unraveled is that we create a community – a place of grace – where women can find healing regardless of their past behaviors, current circumstances, and season of life. While the foundation and focus is for women who struggle with love, sex, and relationship issues, this resource promotes healing in many areas,” from the introduction of Unraveled.
    • “This workbook was written for any woman who has found herself:
      > Unable to find and/or keep a lasting relationship.
      > Struggling with sex or love addiction.
      > Engaging in unwanted sexual behaviors: pornography use, hookups, affairs.
      > Met with disappointment when looking for love and connection.
      > Having little to no self-awareness.
      > Preoccupied with fantasy, to the point where it is interfering with work, family, and commitments.
      > Wanting to understand why she self-sabotages relationships.
      > Unable to maintain many forms of personal relationships with family, friends, and coworkers.
      > Stuffing down feelings, now allowing herself to feel emotion.
      > Compromising moral and personal boundaries to feel loved and accepted.
      > Afraid to voice her opinion or speak out, fearing the loss of relationship.
      > With unprocessed trauma, creating problems in current relationships.
      > Hiding behind the facade of social media.
      > Seeking relationships with unavailable men.
      > Feeling so much shame about secrets that she has nowhere else to turn.
      > Pretending to have it all together on the outside, but broken inside.” (from Unraveled introduction)
    • This study is for women, led by women.
    • Begins Sept. 14, 2020 at Journey Church in Kenosha, WI
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  • Betrayal & Beyond: a support group and study for women who’s husbands/fiances are struggling or have struggled in the past with pornography addiction.
    • The introduction of this study encourages, “You may have discovered a new reality about your husband. His hidden life has been exposed and you feel all alone in your pain, not knowing where to turn for help or answers. You are not alone.” 
    • These are the titles of the first four lessons in chapter one “Where Do I Start?”
      1. How Can I Trust Him?
      2. Why It’s Not My Fault: The Origins of Sexual Addiction.
      3. How Can I Tell If He Is Healing? How Can I Trust Him Again?
      4. What Do I Do Now? Where Do I Go From Here?
    • This study is for women, led by women.
    • Begins Sept. 14, 2020 at Journey Church in Kenosha, WI
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